We print logos by balloons

Logo drawing on balloons

Balloons with a logo is a souvenir which can't be hidden in a pocket and to which are glad all. People will carry by your advertizing...

Registration by balloons

You want to use unusual materials for achievement of the real atmosphere of a holiday? Many companies are glad to offer bright, original registration by balloons of any...

To buy helium spheres

The simplest way to present good mood it to buy helium spheres and to present them. The modern market of the aero industry offers a set of versions such...

The press by balloons

The company the Air print it isn't simple the press by balloons . This excellent decision for advertizing of your organization, maintenance of recognition of brand, and also possibility is bright and unusual to issue any action, whether it be anniversary, Birthday, wedding etc.

The hardware of our company allows to carry out the press by balloons texts and drawings a silk-screen printing method. In the course of logo or drawing drawing, we apply the resistant paints providing excellent result, and also long safety of the image.

Balloons with the press of a logo of the company or a brand use a popurnost at carrying out advertizing actions on large city actions. In - the first, use of such peculiar advertizing medium, allows to cause mass of positive emotions and, respectively, to create the loyal relation to a trademark. Besides, on duration of visual impact on the potential consumer, advertizing by balloons leaves far behind other ways of advertizing of the goods or services that is additional plus in their advantage.

The Press by balloons congratulations for the hero of the anniversary, the newly-married couple or other heroes of the occasion, is also capable to create the festive atmosphere, having strengthened solemnity of held events. Besides, our company offers formation of figures, helium chains and garlands from the same spheres that allows to decorate in addition a room at room registration where passes a celebration. At desire, our employees are ready to carry out delivery of such ornaments from spheres across Nizhny Novgorod with enclosed anonymous (and not so) congratulations.

Ordering the press by balloons in the company Air print, you receive:

  • Minimum terms of implementation of the order
  • Application of safe materials and press manufacturing techniques
  • Low cost and big discounts at wholesale orders
  • Free consultations and recommendations of experts, and also many other things.


On all questions which concern manufacturing of the press by balloons , call by phones specified on page of our site in the section Contacts.